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Cirurgia do abdômen


Pregnancy, weight fluctuations and muscle flaccidity can lead to the bulging of the abdomen, with an excess of skin and fat that lead to body shape loss. Many times, even with exercises and diets we’re not able to efficiently correct those changes, and in those cases, surgical correction is recommended.

Abdominoplasty is the abdomen plastic surgery, performed to remove the excess of skin and fat of the region, correct muscular flaccidity and improve the body shape, and it can be associated to liposuction.

You must remember that the abdominoplasty only removes the excess of skin and abdominal fat on the region below the belly button, and not on the sides of the abdomen, on the hips. To remove that fat, you must associate the surgery with a liposuction. In many cases, the appropriate abdominal esthetic can be obtained just from this technique. On patients who have concentrated fat and little skin flaccidity, only the liposuction can be enough to provide a good result.


There are patients who present abdomen features that don’t fit on the classic abdominoplasty, and they also wouldn’t benefit from liposuction as the only way of treatment. In these cases, it’s recommended what’s called a miniabdome, or abdominoplasty with a reduced scar, associated or not with liposuction. The miniabdominoplasty is recommended when there is an excess of skin and fat only in the region below the bellybutton. Although both techniques are relatively similar, the scars are usually smaller after the miniabdome, due to a smaller tissue removal. In these cases, the bellybutton doesn’t suffer interventions, remaining on the same place.

During the appointment, the surgeon must evaluate all deformities, isolated and in jointly, in order to define the appropriate surgical procedure. There are many classifications for the types of abdominal deformities, and a specific treatment for each.


The abdominoplasty or dermolipectomy is always performed in a hospital, under general or epidural anesthesia, combined with sedation. The patient usually leaves the hospital 24 hours after the surgery.

The scar from the abdominoplasty is positioned above the pubis (like in a cesarean section), prolonging itself to the laterals. The goal is that the scar is hidden when the patient is wearing a bikini or underwear.


During the post-surgery, you must remain in bed for 24 hours after the surgery, and only then you will be able to start walking. You must avoid keeping your body erect for 10 days, a period in which you must remain at home, performing light activities. There are usually no post-surgery pains. Doing efforts, driving and carrying weights should be avoided for a month. Physical exercises are allowed after two months, and until then, you must wear the modeling girdle to maximize the tissue adherence and accelerate the swelling absorption. After 7 days, the patient must return to the clinic. The stiches will be removed on the 15th day.

Some lymphatic drainage sessions are recommended to accelerate the recovery.

The results obtained with a well recommended body shape surgery is of high level of satisfaction to patients, improving their posture and quality of life.

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