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Bichectomia is the plastic surgery that performs total or partial removal of fat bags on the face, called Bichat balls. These fat bags are on the cheek region, and when they increase, they can alter the format of the face, making it round. It’s a relatively simple procedure, with low morbidity, and recommended for people who have a large face due to the excessive volume of these fat bags. This surgery reduces the size of the lower part of the face (cheeks), and gives the face a more delicate structure. A good planning before the surgery and discussing with your surgeon as to your expectations are the best way to obtain satisfactory results.


Because of genetics or overweight, many times the Bichat balls are bigger than a person would want. When the fat starts to bother the esthetic of the face, it’s possible to solve the problem through surgery.

It’s important that a clinical evaluation is made by a specialized professional, so they can evaluate if the surgery can be made and what are the expectations of the patient regarding the treatment.


The Bichectomia technique was described in 1980, and it’s already very established in the scientific world.

The surgery is always performed in a hospital, to assure the patient’s safety.

The incision is made inside the mouth, with no apparent scars, and the procedure lasts about 40 minutes. It is usually made under local anesthesia associated to sedation.


You must be submitted on the day of the procedure, and you can usually leave the hospital a few hours after the surgery.

Right after the surgery, you will notice your face a little bloated. The recovery is very similar to when you extract your maturity teeth.

The swelling usually is more intense on the first 3 days, and it fades completely after 30 days.

Post-surgery pains are very rare, but you might feel some discomfort for a few days.

The recommendation is to relatively rest on the first week. Usually, 2 or 3 days off from work are enough for most patients, as long and the swelling is not a compromising factor.

There is no need to remove the stiches, since they fall by themselves within 30 days. You must avoid carrying weights, exercising or sunbathing for 30 days after the surgery.

To complement the bichectomy, other treatments can be made, such as chin filling or neck liposuction.

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