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Cirurgia Plástica dos Braços


The flaccidity of the arms can appear in many ages. That can occur due to bad eating habits, lack of physical exercises, genetic factors, and also significant weight loss. Many times, this esthetic arm problem can bother patients and make them insecure when it comes to wearing certain outfits or performing certain movements with the upper limbs.

The adoption of a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and the frequent practice of exercise, it’s possible to prevent and lessen that problem. For cases in which only the change of habits doesn’t solve the problem (such as patients who were submitted to stomach reducing surgeries), there are surgical procedures that can help reestablish a better appearance of the arms.


The choice of technical arm rejuvenation surgery fundamentally depends on the type of alteration from each case. In patients with an increase in the circumference exclusively due to the accumulation of fat, a liposuction can solve the problem. In those cases, the surgery must be complemented by a triceps strengthening program. In case there is also an excess of skin, with significant flaccidity, there might be the need for an incision along the internal area of the arm, the bachioplasty.


Usually, the surgery is made under local anesthesia and sedation. When associated to other procedures, it can be done under general anesthesia.

The surgery lasts an average of 2 hours, depending on each case, and the areas and structures to be treated. The time of the surgery, however, must not be mistaken with the time that the patient remains in the Surgical Center, which includes a preparation phase (surgery markings and anesthesia), surgery, and post-anesthesia recovery.

During the procedure, the excess of skin and fat is removed of the area through an incision made on the internal part of the arm. Because it’s a very exposed region, many times, the scar might be perceptible until it heals completely, which varies between 12 to 24 months.


It’s important to remember that every surgery leaves a scar, bigger or smaller, more or less hidden, depending on the original problem, patient care during the post-surgery, and even each patient’s scarring. In the case of brachioplasty, specifically, it’s important to perform a long-term follow-up.

Patients who are submitted to brachial lifting must rest from 3 to 5 days, keeping their arms close to their bodies for 2-3 weeks.

It is recommended not to use the arms too much during the first month to allow the tissues to heal, without widening the scars.

Just like with the liposuction, appropriated girdles must be worn to accelerate the swelling absorption and to improve the final result. This girdle must be kept on continuously for one and a half month to 60 days. Lymphatic drainage can also be recommended, in order to optimize the absorption of the swelling and the post-surgery recovery.

Depending on the swelling degree, right after the removal of the bandages, you can already see the results that will be obtained. But the final results of any surgery can never be evaluated before the scars are completely healed.

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