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Chin Implant

Cirurgia para Implante de Mento


The insertion of an implant on the chin area can be necessary to harmonize the esthetic units of the face. It aims to increase the projection of the chin, balancing it with the rest of the face.

The chin contour has great influence on the face’s profile, along with the nose. That’s why this technique offers excellent results when performed along with rhinoplasty.

Remember: the Chin Implant, as well as any other plastic surgery, must always be performed in a surgical center, by a plastic surgeon who is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, and with the help of an anesthetist.


The chin can present itself in a more advanced or retracted position, in comparison to its normal position. For both cases, there is a surgical correction, but the most common one is the one to correct a retracted chin through the insertion of a prosthesis. There shouldn’t be great physiognomic chances. There will only be a better balance on your physiognomy, keeping your individual features.


In cases of silicone prosthesis, an internal scar can be made (inside the mouth), or through a small incision on the lower part of the chin. The surgeon usually molds the piece or uses pre-molded ones (there are many sizes).

The anesthesia is usually local with sedation, in cases where only the chin implant is performed. If associated to other surgeries, the surgeon can perform the surgical act under general anesthesia.


Usually, a bandage is made on the area, to help keep the prosthesis immobilized, and to reduce the swelling. Besides, the bandage also protects against possible traumas that might occur on the first days.

Just like any other surgical procedure, you will probably feel some discomfort after the surgery, which will fade after a few days. Although you might feel good enough to go back to work and to your regular activities in about three to four days, you must avoid extenuating physical activities for three to four weeks.

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