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As age progresses, the skin loses its elasticity and turgor, leading to an excess of skin on the face. Gravity, on the other hand, acts by pulling that excess of skin down, making the creases between the nose and the mouth, among other marks on the skin.

Adding to that, there is also the muscles on the face, which after so many years, propitiate the formation of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and in other areas of the face.

All these changes combined lead to an ageing appearance. The face lifting aims to partially reverse that process, acting over some muscles and removing the excess of skin, without modifying the patient’s traces and expressions. The result is a younger, more harmonic, and with a natural appearance face.

Remember: the Facelift, as any other plastic surgery, must always be performed in a surgical center, by a plastic surgeon who is a member of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society, and with the help of an anesthetic.


The Facelift can only be performed surgically; non-surgical rejuvenation treatments don’t provide the same results, but can help delay the moment where Lifting is appropriate, thus complementing the surgery results.

The face surgery is a highly individualized procedure, and you must do it for yourself, not to satisfy the wishes of someone else or to adapt to any type of ideal image.


Surgical procedure

Stage 1 – Anesthesia

Medications will be injected for your comfort during the surgical procedure. The options include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best option for you.

Many other procedures can improve even more the results of the facelift, including:
• Facial implants;
• Increase of the soft tissue to remodel the facial structure;
• Peeling techniques, dermabrasion, or laser to improve the tone and texture of the skin;
• Reduction of wrinkles through filling.

Stage 2 – Incision

Depending on the degree of the change you want, your Facelift surgery options include a traditional lifting, a lifting with limited incision, or a neck lifting. A traditional lifting incision, many times, starts on the scalp, on the temporal region, and continues around the ears, ending on the inferior part of the scalp. The fat can be sculpted or redistributed on the face and neck. The underlying tissue is repositioned, usually on the deepest layers of the face, and the muscles are elevated. A second incision, below the chin, can be necessary to improve the ageing aspect of the neck. Sutures or skin patches are used to close the incisions.

Traditional Facelift

An alternative to traditional facelift uses smaller incisions on the temporal region, continuing around the ear and, possibly, inside the inferior eyelids or over the superior lip. The flaccid neck skin and fat accumulation under the chin can be corrected with a neck lifting. The neck lifting incision starts, many times, in front of the ear lobe, going behind the ear, and ending on the inferior part of the scalp.

Stage 3 – Closing the incisions

Once the scars are healed, the lifting incision lines are well hidden on the scalp and on the face and ears’ natural contours.

Stage 4 – Results

The results from the Facelift appear after the swelling and the bruises are gone. The final result not only restores the appearance, making you look younger, but also can help recover your self-esteem.


When the procedure is over, a bandage will be delicately placed around your face to minimize the swelling and bruising. A drain can be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess of blood and fluid that might accumulate.

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