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The animation above is only for explanatory and education purposes. It is approved by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Not all animations truthfully portray the techniques that are used, since those can vary according to each patient, depending on the diagnosis and recommendations after the medical appointment.


The surgery inserts under the gluteal muscle a prosthesis that offers greater harmony to the body shape. The scar for the placing of the prosthesis is located on the intergluteal furrow and it’s almost imperceptible after a few months. After three weeks, the patients can return to their normal activities, including physical activities. For those cases in which the patient wants to subtly increase the shape of the area, it’s possible to give up resources such as fat grafts, removed from areas such as the abdomen and flanks.

The prosthesis that are currently produced last about 20 years, or longer. No long-term special care for the prosthesis is necessary. The follow-up of the condition of the prosthesis can be made through a simple ultrasound evaluation.

Opposed to what most people think, the patient doesn’t sit over the prosthesis, once it is located on the superior 2/3 of the bottom, and the weight of the body on a sitting position is always unloaded over the inferior 1/3.

Remember: Gluteoplasty, as well as any other plastic surgery, but always be performed in a surgical center, by a plastic surgeon member of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society and with the help of an anesthetist.


The gluteoplasty (bottom increase plastic surgery) aims to increase the gluteal volume. It is recommended for patients with a low and small “bottom”, who wish to have a bigger projection of that body part.


The surgery is performed with epidural anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia, and lasts about 2 hours. The incision is made between both buttocks, and it’s completely hidden with the patient is standing up.

The prosthesis is placed inside the region’s bigger muscle, called Gluteus Maximus, which conceals the presence of the prosthesis, giving it a natural-looking aspect.

It’s possible to associate it with a liposuction surgery, or even make fat grafts to help finish the gluteal modelling.


On the following day to the surgery, the patient will be able to carefully sit, walk and shower. The patient can feel average to strong pain, which is easily avoided by appropriate painkillers. The patient leaves the hospital after 24-48 hours. The patient must keep a prone position (belly down) or lateral for 14 days, in order to avoid pressure on the prosthesis.

On the first week, the patient must keep a relative rest. It is not necessary to stay in bed, and the patient can walk and sit, even though they might feel a slight discomfort.

Most patients can go back to work in 14 days, and on that day, they can already drive and return to a work activity that doesn’t demand much physical strain.

Physical restriction if kept for 2 months. Only after that period of time the patient can return to practice sports, any type of gymnastics, and any activity, including skiing, riding horses, extreme sports, and even those where they might fall. Intramuscular injections are not recommended while you wear gluteal prosthesis.

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