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The gestation period is one of the most important times in a woman’s life. Being able to generate a child is almost every women’s dream. During the pregnancy, many changes happen in the mother’s body, and the uterus progressively increases in size, expanding the abdomen’s skin. The abdominal muscle starts to move away from the average line, and that usually makes that area weak. Stretch marks due to the breaking of elastic fibers of the skin may appear.

The “black line” also appears on the skin on the middle abdominal area, which fades after the end of the pregnancy.

The breasts increase in volume and the nipples darken. There is a large increase of body weight associated to that.

After the baby is born, the woman enters a period called puerperium, and starts breastfeeding.

Usually, after 8 to 10 months, all these anatomical alterations have already faded.

Remember: the surgery in former obese patients, as well as any other plastic surgery, must always be performed in a surgical center, by a plastic surgeon who is a member of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society and with the help of an anesthetist.


Depending on each case and the woman’s need to have her body as close as possible to what it was before the pregnancy, a plastic surgery might be necessary.

The ideal is to wait from 10 to 12 months after the end of the pregnancy to perform plastic surgery.


Frequent Surgeries:

Mammoplasty (mammary ptosis or post-pregnancy breast regression might occur);

Breast elevation: it corrects the flaccidity of the breasts;

Abdominoplasty (to remove the excess of fat and skin flaccidity, as well and the closure of the muscle);

Mammoplasty + Abdominoplasty association;

Isolated liposuction or in association with the procedures above;

Stretch marks treatment;


During the pregnancy, moisturizing creams must be used at least twice a day on the breasts and abdomen. Also, the woman must practice physical activities with the orientation of a professional (aquarobics is a good exercise) and have a healthy diet, based on fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbs. That way, the changes during the pregnancy will be minimizes and it will be easier to solve them with plastic surgery, in case it’s necessary.

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